New Audi Cars To Come Without Indicators 

New Audi Cars To Come Without Indicators 


The head of Audi Germany, Rudolf Heinz, has shockingly announced that all new Audi models will come without indicators from early 2017.

The makers of such well known cars such as the TT, the A4 and the world famous Quattro, has decided on this cost cutting measure as most Audi drivers seem to be unable to use them anyway.

Head designer Hans Faulk explained, ‘we estimated that we were wasting e100 per car on what was essentially a decoration that the customer seemed afraid of’.

Audi drivers are renowned for their inherent fear of indicators as many believe them to be unnecessary and expensive add ons.

‘This move also ties in nicely with our energy saving measures as not only will Audi drivers drive straight through roundabouts without a care in the world they will also refuse to slow down thereby saving fuel costs’ Faulk explained.