World Pisses Itself As Old Man Falls Down Steps

World Pisses Itself As Old Man Falls Down Steps

The World pissed itself in collective fashion last night as a 64 year old man fell down some steps after attempting to sing a song.

The man was appearing at the Brit Awards ceremony in England when the incident occurred. It is thought the old codger was trying to pull a hip move like what young people does when it fell over and dislocated his musical sense.

‘It was an awful sight to be honest’, stated witness Martin Ryan, ‘I felt really sorry for him. He really shouldn’t have been let out without a carer’.

The man is now recovering in his home and will be using a Zimmerframe for the foreseeable future in hopes of one day becoming semi independent once again.

Laura Fallon of Help The Aged warned people not to allow their old relatives out on their own. ‘he old should really be locked away so we don’t have to witness these types of scenarios’.