Ireland’s Cricketers Win Again, I Think!

Ireland’s Cricketers Win Again, I Think!

Ireland’s cricketers once again won a sports game today we think as they seemingly beat the UAE with four balls and seventeen wickets to leave them eight over after the innings, or something similar.

The sport of cricket was invented in 1897 by a William J. Cricket after he wanted to create a proper type of hard batt to beat his Irish tenants. It then went on from there as tribal peoples from a place called Australia used it to bamboozle the native Aborigines in order to steal their land.

Fans across the world have been left stunned by Ireland’s recent performances and being not too sure whether they have actually won or not.

‘Ah it’s great really’, stated fan Michael Ford, ‘I haven’t a fucking clue what they are doing but sure I’m pissed drunk anyway’.

We all look forward to the next match and we hope Ireland can do more ducks, runs, inningses, and not be out for six with 9 to spare, we think.