Celebrations As Woman Uses Indicators On Roundabout

Celebrations As Woman Uses Indicators On Roundabout

The celebrations began in earnest today as 48 year old Barbara O Sullivan of Dun Loaghaire in Dublin used her indicator in the correct manner at a busy city center roundabout this morning.

The accounting technician, who up until now thought her indicator stalk was merely an aesthetic feature, successfully utilised this foreign item thereby allowing fellow motorists to have a clue as to where this fine motorist intended to go.

‘I really thought that lever thingy was a decoration of some type. Like why would you want people to know where you are going? The last time I used it loads of people were beeping and shouting at me so I thought obviously it was some form of blinking light beacon’.

One motorist, Martin Coyne, who witnessed the historic event was dazzled by Barbara’s bravery, ‘well fair fucking play to her’ he said applauding slowly, ‘now if she could only learn to not stay in the left lane going all the way around it would be fantastic’.

Psychologists have stated that this event may be a sign of things to come as many female motorists are thought to be evolving from their primitive non motoring understanding ways.