Joan Burton Arrested on Suspicion of False Promises

Joan Burton Arrested on Suspicion of False Promises

Labour party TD and Tanaiste Joan Burton has been arrested on suspicion of false promises by gardaí investigating an incident against the citizens of the State.

The Dublin West TD is one of many people arrested over the incident, which happened before the 2011 election. It is believed that they made a number of grossly unachievable promises, including renegotiating the IMF bailout and not implementing a water tax.

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny described the arrests as ‘ridiculous’, saying “sure we all talk a load of nonsense to hoodwink the electorate, it’s the way it works”.

Speaking on today’s Sean O’Rourke show, Pat Rabbitte also condemned the arrest. “How dare anyone criticise us,” he said, turning his nose into the air pompously. “after all we’ve done to get these commoners back into a working economy?”

The Tanaiste can be held for up to five hours, after which she can be released or charged with being a normal politican.


Written by Damien Glynn