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  • 39 Killed As Mayo Woman Celebrates ‘Wear No Bra Day’

39 Killed As Mayo Woman Celebrates ‘Wear No Bra Day’

39 people were killed yesterday as Mayo woman Sarah Finnerty decided to celebrate National No Bra Day by walking around Castelbar with her mammaries hanging and swinging in their full glory.

Unfortunately, sixteen of those killed were children who were unlucky enough to be in the way as a gust of wind caught one boob sending it crashing into a local playground.

Finnerty herself is under going extensive therapy after the traumatic experience and has vowed never to make such a mistake again.

‘It was no bra day so I decided to jog down to Dunnes. Only three steps in to my journey it started to get out of hand. The wind started to catch them and combined with my fast running it set off a chain of events I could have only imagined’ said Sarah before breaking down.

It once again reiterates that these ‘National Days’ are only for a certain kind of woman so as to titillate men, ordinary women are asked to stay at home for public safety.