Irish Men Join ‘Big Hairy Balls Club’

Irish Men Join ‘Big Hairy Balls Club’

Men all over Ireland have began to embrace the new found culture of hair as they have started posting thousands of pictures of their hairy man purses on social media platforms as an opposition to women’s blatant disgust at the appearance of the mansack.

‘Women always want us to be shaved down there and society agrees. We are tired of being treated like second class citizens, what with all our power and vast economic,social and political sway’ stated ‘ballbagger’ Seamus Doherty.

Women all over tinternetland started showing disgusting pictures of themselves natural, which is so horrific many men have since gouged out their eyes in panic unaware that women have hair on their legs or even the capacity to grow said hair.

Now men have taken the war to the powerful bunch of saggy fools by posting their finery in all its hairy goodness. One blogger told us of his pride ‘I usually shave them the odd time, but only when I can get me beard trimmer in around that delicate area without chopping me cock off’ stated concerned masculinist Calum McConnell ‘I then saw this leg shite and decided no more. Out popped the camera in me car near a playground and that was that. I slapped them off me bure’s face later then at home to seal the deal of disgust’ he continued.

Scienticians have even went as far as to suggest women may even evolve the capacity to grow beards in the future and even combovers may be the next step as women yearn for penises across the World.