Grainne Seoige denies any involvement in sister’s disappearance

Grainne Seoige denies any involvement in sister’s disappearance

TV personality and foxy Irish speaker Grainne Seoige last night denied any involvement in the disappearance of her sister and fellow media baron Sile.

Fears are growing throughout Donnybrook and TG4 land for the wellbeing of Ms. Seoige since she disappeared from TV screens last year.

Hopes were raised this month that Sile would be found as the Irish Television season reaches its “Celebrity Master-Chef” phase. However Ms. Seoige failed to appear at the audition with some sort of Galway stew.

Rumours have grown that her elder sister Grainne may have been involved following an article written in Wednesdays Daily Irish, Fascist News otherwise known as the Irish Daily Mail, which claims Grainne may have kidnapped her sister in order to “keep her off the front page of the RTE Guide”.

The Daily Mail’s source that could be only named as “Hector/Navan Man” went on to claim that Grainne told him that her younger sister could not be allowed to outdo her this summer season and that “There’s only room for one CHESTY WESTY in the RTE canteen”

In her statement last night released through her spokesperson Nuala Mairead Ni Cheannaigh Me Milsean ar an Siopa, Ms Seoige denied the claims.

There was more to the statement but it was in some hybrid Irish/English language that I couldn’t understand