Nobel Prize For Irish People For Saving The EU

Nobel Prize For Irish People For Saving The EU

The Irish people will be awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for their uncompromising and heroic forced self sacrifice in single handedly saving the entire European Union and entire financial system of western Europe, sources have revealed.

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Heroic Irish People

Long expected, it is to be officially announced next month as the EU plans to pacify the heroic Irish people once again by giving them nothing but a statue.


All debts will of course remain as stated by Manuel Barroso ‘it is wonderful for the Irish tax payer to be given such an honour but they can go fuck themselves with a large thorny stick if they think the don’t have to pay the debt that isn’t theirs’.

Meanwhile bondholder and banker Mario Stammich has revealed that the hard times have even effected him ‘only the other day I had to wait 10 days for my millions to come through. My family wishes to thank the suckers of Ireland, I mean, people’.


The Irish will no doubtful be delighted with this news and are expected to assist the EU further by raiding their kid’s piggy banks.